How to Change Image Size in Photoshop

How to Change Image Size in Photoshop

Having a large image size sometimes cannot be used in certain circumstances. So it is necessary to change the image size. One of the easiest ways to resize an image is using Adobe Photoshop. This photo editing software is very popular and widely used for photo editing, because of the various features available.

In addition, Photoshop can also replace the photo background with a red background or other colors. Just resizing the photo size doesn’t have to have good editing skills, everyone can do it. The method is quite simple and easy, and here are the steps you can follow.

How to Change Image Size in Photoshop

Before changing the image size, make sure your computer has Adobe Photoshop installed. You can use any version, either 32 or 64 bit. Provided that the application is running well on your device.

  • Open Adobe Photoshop.
  • Open the image by clicking File → Open. And find the image you want to resize.

Open Image

  • Or insert an image into Photoshop by right clicking on the image, then selecting Open with Adobe Photoshop.

Open Image With Adobe Photoshop

  • Then click Image → Image Size.

Resizing Images with Photoshop - Image Size

  • Resize the height and width of the photo you want.

How to Change Image Size in Photoshop

  • Click this sign if you want to change the size of the height and width are not the same.

Change the Size for different Height and Width

  • You can change the image size unit.

Change Image Size Unit

  • Click OK for save settings.

Saving Image

After making changes to the image, then save the image on your computer. And here’s how.

  • Click File → Export → Export As.

Saving Image After Resizing

  • Choose the image format you want. PNG, GIF, JPG, and SVG formats are available.

Available Image Formats

  • And click Export to save the image to your computer.

Saving Images Lighter (For Web)

Apart from exporting images normally, you can export images for web format. Images that have been exported in this way have a lighter size, so that your website is faster when visited. And here are the steps to export web-specific images.

  • Click File → Export → Save for Web (Legacy).

Save for Web Legacy

  • Select the Preset you want to use. For example I use JPEG Medium.

Image Preset

  • Please select an image format. You can choose JPG, PNG-8, PNG-24, GIF, and WBMP formats.
  • And choose an image quality. Adjust to your needs, starting from low, medium, high, very high, and maximum. The higher the quality you choose, the bigger the size of the photos that will be stored.
  • Click Save to save the image on your computer.


And that’s how to change the image size with Photoshop, and you can also edit photo backgrounds online to make it easier. I hope this article is useful. If there is anything you want to ask, you can write it in the comments column. thanks.


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